The company MANDOU Brothers O.E. (ΑΦΟΙ Ι. ΜΑΝΤΟΥ Ο.Ε.)was started as a family business in 1974 by John Mandos, who was one of the first citrus growers in Igoumenitsa, Thesprotia, an area which is renowned both for the quality and taste of its fruit, since its climate leads to its excellent growth.

Later, John Mandou utilized his years of experience and knowledge in citrus production in cooperation with his three sons, George, Gregory and Alexandros Mandou. Through a combination of the latest methods of cultivation and specific expertise knowledge from agriculturists, they were able to ensure the excellent quality of their products. 

Afterwards, motivated as always by their passion for work, they became active both in the field of packaging and marketing agricultural products.

In 2010 the company officially adopted its current name MANDOU BROS O.E.(ΑΦΟΙ Ι. ΜΑΝΤΟΥ Ο.Ε.)and as a family business constructed new facilities which house sorting and packing machinery as well as cold storage facilities in order to provide excellent processing and preservation of their products.


Our philosophy in the company Mandou BROS to continually improve the quality standards of our products, achieve production with a minimal environmental burden, as well asensuring the processing and distribution of certified products at affordable prices for consumers.

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